General Rules

1 – The board of BabeliUM – Centro de Línguas is responsible for setting the tuition and registration fees (non-refundable), which are subject to approval by the Council of the Institute of Arts and Humanities (ILCH).

2 – The board of BabeliUM – Centro de Línguas is responsible for setting the dates as well as the registration period for each course.

3 – The location (Gualtar or Azurém), duration and timetable of language courses differ. Please check before enrolling. Misreading does not give the right to reimbursement.

4 – Course progression is defined according to the CEFRL parameters (levels, competences). The course designation states the levels and/or competences to be achieved. Choice of level is the sole responsibility of the applicant. A diagnostic test is recommended in case of doubt.

5 – The numerus clausus for each non-conversation class is 40. The numerus clausus for each conversation class is 20. In special circumstances, and with the teacher’s agreement, this number may be exceeded.

6 – Payment of the full amount of the tuition and registration fees must be made in one single installment. A student may apply to the board of BabeliUM – Centro de Línguas for permission to pay in multiple instalments, stating the exceptional reasons for this.

7 – Post-graduate students are considered as internal students regarding payment of all fees, as are students of the Plus-23 course and ex-UMinho students, if members of the Associação de Antigos Estudantes da Universidade do Minho (AAEUM). Other cooperation agreements may lead to a fee reduction.

8 – At the end of each course, the student will be awarded a certificate which will show the level obtained according to the CEFR language scale (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). When no assessment is possible, or when the level is below »A1, s/he will receive an attendance certificate provided s/he has attended at least 75% of the classes given.

9 – In the event of partial attendance, the student will receive an attendance certificate only, where the total number of hours attended will be shown, although no language grade. Reference to the obtained levels according to the CEFRL will only be made if the teacher actually holds the adequate and sufficient elements for evaluation. In specific cases competence evaluation will be carried out through an exam.

10 – Students may enroll up to one month after a class starts if places are available. After this time, if there are places available, enrollments will only be accepted after the approval of the teacher concerned.

11 – If a sudden change in the timetable actually prevents a student from attending classes, his/her enrolment will be transferred to another course/timetable available. Ultimately, in specific circumstances, the student may request reimbursement, upon duly signed and documented process.